White Doves of Maine providing White Dove Release Services since 2002.

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As of Spring 2016 we are no longer providing Dove Release Services.  We would like to thank all of the people we have provided services for over the years.  We have been very grateful to have provided this wonderful service to the Maine state area.

Welcome to White Doves of Maine.  We provide Ceremonial White Dove Release Services for weddings, baptisms, celebration of life & memorial services, commencements, anniversaries, parties, grand openings or any special occasion. 

We service all of Maine and Northern New Hampshire.  Our Doves are trained to return to our home from beyond 30 miles, making a White Dove Release a truly "renewable resource".                          

         Why a White Dove?          

Throughout history the tradition of releasing Doves has been a symbolic act of man.  Ancient sailors would release Doves to help them navigate their way home by following their flight.   The tradition of releasing Doves at the Olympic Games is a symbolic act that dates back to the times when Olympians would release a Dove with a small piece of the winning banner tied to it’s leg. The bird would fly back to its hometown to let the town’s people know of their “win”.   Many cultures release a Dove when a loved one dies to represent the soul returning home to the Heavens.   In some ancient cultures the groom would give a dove to the bride, symbolizing his promise to care for her and their family equally.   Today at weddings two Doves are released to symbolize the couple starting their new life together.

For many cultures, a Dove symbolizes Peace, Love, Unity, Spirituality and the Holy Spirit.

We use a specialty breed of White Rock Doves that are trained to return home from many miles away.

Make your Special Occasion even more special with a White Dove Release!


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